Domesti-PUPS ( is looking for special people like you to play a vital role in the preparation of their pups to become service dogs. Good puppy raisers are flexible and relaxed, have a sense of humor and enjoy talking with people in the community. It’s much like having children as your pup will be with you wherever you go! Most of their puppies are five to six months old when placed with puppy raisers. They are started in house breaking and basic obedience commands, so the hard work is done for you!

Domesti-PUPS volunteers socialize the puppy in the community, reinforce good house manners, attend weekly training classes, keep the puppy for about one year and provide love for the puppy they train. To help along the way, Domesti-PUPS provide a dog crate, dog food, veterinary services, grooming and unlimited training.

The puppy you raise may go on to become a service dog to assist a person with a disability. You will get to meet the person your pup is trained for, and learn how your gift will change (or save) their life. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about volunteering and community involvement.

For more information about Domesti-PUPS, email or visit