Dreamweaver Launches New Volunteer Program, Dream Team

Volunteering has positive effects not only for the organization served, but also for the individuals volunteering. With this in mind, community members from diverse backgrounds gathered in September for one common purpose: to learn how they can give back to a generation that has given so much to the community.

As a result, Dreamweaver Foundation (dreamweaver.org) created a volunteer program called Dream Team. The Dream Team will be made up of volunteers who will serve as a friendly welcome at restaurants or a baseball game; they will ensure a successful send off at the airport to a dream destination or capture professional photographs to create memories that will leave a legacy for a lifetime. Dreamweaver volunteers enrich the lives of seniors in the community by simply giving their time. Additional opportunities to volunteer may include being a greeter, personal shopper, fundraiser, or “Dream Maker.”

Dreamweaver Foundation’s mission is only made possible with the help and dedication of volunteers, and there are always opportunities available. If you are interested in joining Dreamweaver’s Dream Team, please email Ashley Weirich at Ashley.Weirich@dreamweaver.org. Learn more about Dreamweaver Foundation on their website at dreamweaver.org.