Family Health Services ( wants to remind you to schedule your reproductive and sexual health check-ups. Their caring and comprehensive providers are available Monday-Friday for preventative health exams, cervical cancer screening (PAP test), breast cancer screening, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, all contraceptive methods (including emergency contraception), pregnancy testing and colposcopy procedures. Call today to schedule your preventative health exam!

Family Health Services is a nonprofit healthcare organization that serves people in nine southeast Nebraska counties. Patients can get reproductive healthcare on an income-based sliding fee basis. More than half of the 1,500 patients that Family Health Services cares for every year are uninsured or underinsured which qualifies them for free or reduced-price services. The clinic also accepts most private insurance, Medicaid and Every Woman Matters. They believe everyone should have access to reproductive and sexual healthcare regardless of ability to pay.

Another critical part of their programming is their outreach and sexual health education reaching 3,000 individuals every year. Family Health Services partner with lots of other organizations to provide informative reproductive and sexual health programs in a professional and non-judgmental way. Family planning promotes the well-being of families and responsible behavior, prevents unintended pregnancies through education and contraceptive services and allows for planning and timing of pregnancies.

To learn more about Family Health Services or to schedule an appointment, visit or call (402) 466-1012.