In observance of Stress Awareness Month, Family Health Services Inc (, FHSI) highlights the crucial role of comprehensive reproductive healthcare in stress reduction, emphasizing the significant impact of regular testing and annual examinations on overall well-being. FHSI’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services is instrumental in alleviating stress associated with uncertainty about one’s health.

FHSI has locations in Lincoln and Tecumseh and provide clinics once or twice a month in Beatrice, Peru and Crete. Hours vary by location.

Key Services Offered:

  • Stress-Free Testing Environment: FHSI provides a welcoming and stress-free environment for all testing services, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, and more.
  • Annual Examinations for Holistic Well-being: Annual examinations at FHSI go beyond physical health; they encompass mental well-being. The clinic recognizes the interconnectedness of reproductive health and stress and offers comprehensive exams to address both aspects, promoting a holistic approach to overall wellness.
  • Telehealth Services for Convenient Consultations: FHSI embraces modern healthcare solutions with telehealth services, enabling individuals to consult with healthcare professionals conveniently.
  • Teen Mental Health Services: Recognizing the unique stressors that teens encounter, FHSI provides confidential reproductive health services to support adolescents in managing stress and building resilience during this critical developmental stage.
  • To access testing, annual examinations or schedule an appointment visit or contact (402) 466-1012. For existing patients, telehealth services can be accessed for consultations.

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