Friendship Home ( is excited for volunteers to canvas the community Sunday, October 8, with Safe Quarters. Safe Quarters has become an important event for Friendship Home, focused on raising awareness and collecting funds. With the help of Safe Quarters Save Lives, Friendship Home can serve thousands of survivors throughout the year. In 2022, 1,554 individuals were served, and 64% of those sheltered were children.

Please consider opening your door on Sunday, October 8, when you hear a knock from a Friendship Home volunteer at your door. Better yet, consider putting together a team of friends or family to canvass your own neighborhood. Please go to to learn more and sign up to help!

Funds collected during Safe Quarters go towards Friendship Home’s mission to provide safe, confidential shelter, crisis services and ongoing support for families who have experienced domestic violence and are rebuilding their lives. To access safe emergency shelter and services, call Friendship Home’s helpline at (402) 437-9302. Learn more about services and how to get involved by going to