Girl Scouts Announce 30 New Badges to Help Girls Become STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska ( and Girl Scouts of the USA are meeting the needs of today’s girls by introducing 30 new badges. As part of Girl Scouts’ evolving programming, the badges answer girls’ calls to learn more about cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics and space exploration.

In a safe all-girl space, Girl Scouts develop important soft skills, including confidence and perseverance, as well as hard skills, setting them up for success and preparing them to take action for a better world.

“I knew I liked to make things, but I wasn’t really sure what engineers did on a daily basis. Now I know this is something I might like to explore as a career,” said Kate Lembree, a junior at Elkhorn South High School. “Girls Scouts offers me a chance to explore STEM activities, a lot more than my school. My school doesn’t offer any STEM classes. They have AP classes, but no engineering classes or opportunities to build things.”

Today’s youth are more vocal than ever about the change they want to see, and Girl Scouts are the most equipped with the skills needed to make a real impact. Girls who participate in Girl Scouts are more than twice as likely to exhibit community problem-solving skills than girls who don’t (57% vs. 28%).

Girl Scout troops are forming now. Prepare girls to unleash their inner strength. To volunteer, reconnect, donate, or join, visit or call (800) 695-6690.