Goodwill celebrated another garage sale season by hosting its 11th annual Neighborhood Challenge. With nine participating associations, Goodwill collected an astounding total of 11,085 pounds of donations.

Goodwill’s Neighborhood Challenge gives Lincoln associations the opportunity to donate their gently used items after garage sales or clean-up events. The top three associations win a cash prize to help fund a neighborhood-improvement project of their choice.

The Highlands Neighborhood Association took first place in the challenge with 4,290 pounds, followed by the Wilderness Hills Homeowners Association and the Southwood Association with 2,400 and 2,000 pounds, respectively.

Goodwill would like to thank all participating associations for generously supporting their mission: “Willing workers employed and community resources maximized.” For 91 years, Lincoln Goodwill has used the sale of donated goods to help local job seekers overcome obstacles, find work and gain financial independence. By funding a variety of employment services and programs in the community, Goodwill served over 4,000 individuals in Southeast Nebraska in 2022. Goodwill also recycles many donations that cannot be sold, diverting over two million pounds of materials from the local landfill per year.

To host a Goodwill donation drive or learn more about the next Neighborhood Challenge, call (402) 742-8456 or email Goodwill’s 12th annual Neighborhood Challenge registration will open in February 2024.