The Heartland Cancer Foundation ( believes no cancer patient should fall behind on treatment because they struggle to afford their everyday expenses. This mission is one that is near and dear to many hearts and there are three great avenues philanthropists can consider to support local cancer patients, including legacy giving, recurring giving or by setting up a donor advised fund.

With legacy giving, individuals have the incredible opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the lives of those battling cancer by including the foundation in their estate planning. These legacy gifts ensure that future generations of cancer patients will receive the much-needed aid and care they deserve.

Recurring giving also plays a pivotal role, as it creates a steady and dependable source of funding for the foundation’s ongoing efforts, such as planning and executing long-term programs and events, awareness and outreach and offering extended aid to patients during their entire treatment journey.

Finally, setting up a donor-advised fund presents a strategic way to show support and offers numerous advantages. It simplifies the giving process. By consolidating multiple charitable donations into a single fund, donors can take an immediate tax deduction, and it offers flexibility in timing charitable donations as donors can contribute to the fund when it suits their financial situation best. If interested, the Lincoln Community Foundation is a great place to set up a fund.

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