I’ve Got A Name (ivegotaname.org) is a nonprofit organization that fights local sex trafficking through community awareness and street outreach, where they connect one-on-one with women and girls who are entangled in its injustice. I’ve Got A Name has encountered children as young as 12 years old in its work, and stresses that the impact of sex trafficking on youth is real.

On August 5, the organization will host its Connect to Protect Conference. This will be the first conference to specifically address sex trafficking in Lincoln and protect youth from falling victim!

This one-day conference is designed to increase awareness of sex trafficking among the general public, parents, and youth. Topics will include parent alertness, the impact of social media, traffickers’ grooming processes, and ending the demand.

I’ve Got A Name is looking for Lincoln businesses to take a stand against sex trafficking and sponsor the Connect to Protect Conference to make it as successful as it can be! All sponsors will be promoted for their active role in fighting this injustice and receive complimentary tickets to the event. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, visit ivegotaname.org/sponsor. All sponsorship donations are tax-deductible.

For questions, please email Executive Director Paul Yates at paul@ivegotaname.org.

I’ve Got a Name aims to put an end to sex trafficking in Nebraska by generating awareness, providing street outreach, and inspiring others to take action. They won’t stop their mission until no person is subjected to sex trafficking in our community. To learn more, visit www.ivegotaname.org.