Leadership Harbor Foundation (leadershipharbor.com/foundation) and Leadership Harbor LLC have partnered with the Global Traditional Martial Arts Association (GTMA) to write a leadership curriculum for their students and school owners (approximately 250+ schools nationwide). One of the schools participating in Lincoln is Longoria’s Academy.

Leadership Harbor Foundation is also partnering with the same schools to do board breaks in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month in September. Each school will host a board break and the funds raised will be used in their communities to do CALM trainings and raise awareness about suicide and bullying as well as about what anyone of any age can do to help prevent future incidents.

Through CALM, participants will learn a simple protocol to implement for when they or someone they know is experiencing bullying or thoughts of suicide. Their goal is to connect people with the necessary tools and resources to get help in times of need.

The Leadership Harbor Foundation enhances Leadership Harbor through a partnership that allows their team to add value to, serve and recognize in five distinct areas: CALM Suicide and Bullying Awareness Prevention; Veterans; Youth Leadership; Education; and Scholarship. Learn more at leadershipharbor.com/foundation.