February is National Spay/Neuter Month, and Lincoln Animal Ambassadors (LAA)’s low-cost spay/neuter program is focusing on Pit Bulls and Pit mixes. Why? Sadly, Pits and Pit Mixes are the most euthanized dog breed in shelters across the country. LAA wants to be proactive by preventing unwanted litters of puppies from being born, eventually becoming homeless, and ultimately ending up at a shelter where their chances of being adopted are slim. Similar spay/neuter drives focused on this breed have been successful in Nebraska and around the country.

First, if you have an unaltered Pit or Pit mix please consider making the healthy and responsible decision and get your dog altered. If you have a neighbor or friend, please pass this information on so LAA can help as many dogs as possible. And finally, please consider making a monetary donation to LAA so we can help as many dogs and their human families as “possibull”.

Please consider helping support the Lincoln Animal Ambassadors Spay/Neuter program through donations.  As a 501(c)3 organization, tax-deductible monetary donations can be sent to Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, PO Box 67072, Lincoln, NE 68506, or on the web at www.lincolnanimalambassadors.org.