Lincoln Medical Education Partnership (LMEP, will be hosting a community awareness event February 29 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Vrbka Classrooms located at 4600 Valley Rd. The presentation is titled Keeping Current: Youth Vaping and Mental Health.

Vaping poses significant health risks to our youth. While youth may start vaping for a variety of reasons, a large number of young people vape nicotine and/or marijuana to lessen feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. When better coping skills are developed, there may be fewer temptations to try to manage mental health challenges through vaping, reducing the possibility of addiction and the risk of negative health outcomes. Lindsay, Brundege, a therapist with Jenda Family Services will discuss:

  • Nicotine/marijuana and their impact on the developing brain
  • Addiction and the brain, and why it’s difficult to “just stop”
  • Why teens vape
  • Vaping and mental health concerns
  • How parents, adults and professionals can help
  • Resources available for teens’ mental health and substance use

Please contact Abbe Edgecombe, SCIP Coordinator for Lincoln-Lancaster County for questions or additional information at (402) 327-6841 /

SCIP is supported in part by Grant #2Bo8T1010034 under the SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health and monies passed through by Regions 4, V & 6 to prevention providers ($168,665 or 63%) and $99,531 or 37% from non-governmental entities. For more information, go to or contact Duncan Tucker at (402) 327-6843.