Lincoln TeamMates ( presented the Community Health Endowment (CHE) with the Carmen and Tony Messineo Community Involvement Award on February 13, in honor of the many ways the CHE has lent support to mentoring in the community. Their vision to make Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation has made projects like the Mourning Hope and Schroder Park Wellness Center, The Healthy Food Access Kitchen, Health 360 Integrated Care, and more possible.

For the past three years, CHE supported the Lincoln Youth Mentoring Coalition, of which TeamMates is a lead member. The coalition’s “State of Mentoring Report” in 2021 helped Lincoln better see the unmet need for youth mentors. CHE’s Place Matters mapping project helps Lincoln TeamMates better identify and serve communities most in need. A new three-year partnership with CHE will make sure they continue to make the biggest difference possible for the greatest number of young people in Lincoln. TeamMates Mentoring impacts our community by inspiring students to reach their full potential through mentoring. Matches meet once a week in school during the academic year. Please consider your own ability to mentor or that of someone you know. Applications are easy to complete at

Lincoln TeamMates makes a meaningful impact in the local community and beyond by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. For more information, please visit or call (402) 436-1990.