The Match Support Team for Lincoln TeamMates ( has a fun and important job. “We love matching mentors with mentees,” said Audrey Watson, Match Support Specialist. “And we know how life-impacting these relationships can be; the mentees and mentors experience so much joy. So, helping a young person connect with an additional caring adult is an honor and privilege.”

“Clark” is an incredibly likable kid that is currently on the waiting list for a mentor. He is an eighth-grader in North Lincoln and would love a mentor who will stick with him until graduation. He loves music and is an aspiring songwriter. A mentor would help him develop his goals and interests for the future. Bonus points for a mentor who shares his interest in Pokemon

If you think you or someone you know could be a mentor, Lincoln TeamMates would love to hear from you. There are many other young people on the waiting list who want a mentor, some who have been waiting for over two years. Lincoln TeamMates has students waiting in third through 12th grade with every type of personality, interests, ethnicity and background you can imagine.

For more information about Lincoln TeamMates and becoming a mentor, please visit or call (402) 436-1990.