Pursuing the goal of training 365 new mentors this year, Lincoln TeamMates (LincolnTeammates.org) plans to treat as many volunteer trainees to a meal as possible. “When we offer a meal, we see everything go up!” says Christine Davis, TeamMates Trainer.

Stronger up-front registration and fewer no-shows help trainers and trainees both. “A three-hour long training session can build quite an appetite,” says Davis. “We love to provide food for our mentors-in-training, and they appreciate it so much. Volunteers from the community who are stepping up to mentor a young person gain momentum when food is offered.”

Momentum matters, because full trainings mean more students are getting mentors. Plus trainees are more relaxed and engaged when they are enjoying good food. “Eating together also creates a great feeling of community,” says Davis.

Providing meals for 365 new mentors takes time, energy and money. Lincoln TeamMates are grateful for the current food sponsorships of Wingstop and Chipotle. However, there are still trainings each month that don’t have sponsors, so Lincoln TeamMates is looking for additional sponsors who can provide lunch or a heavy snack two to four times a year.

TeamMates Mentoring makes a meaningful impact in the local community and beyond by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. For more information about becoming a food sponsor with TeamMates, please contact Christine Davis at cdavis3@lps.org. To learn more about Lincoln TeamMates, call (402) 436-1990 or visit LincolnTeammates.org.