Runza® loves good food and good community, and Lincoln TeamMates ( are grateful. Since 2010, Runza® has sponsored TeamMates Mentoring through an annual fundraiser, TeamMates Runza® Day, in which 80 restaurant locations across Nebraska and Iowa donate 10 percent of sales to their local TeamMates chapters.

City wide, September 19, many went out to Runza® to intentionally support TeamMates. “The 10 percent of all sales that day is significant,” said Jim Bennett, Lincoln TeamMates Coordinator. “The generous donation helps us match and support many mentors and mentees.”
Bennett and eight other TeamMates staff members greeted patrons and supporters at various Runza® locations.

“We are so grateful to Runza® for supporting TeamMates Mentoring here in Lincoln. Once again they demonstrate how dedicated they are to mentoring and this community. TeamMates and Runza® are two organizations founded in Nebraska and we are honored to partner together,” said Bennett.

Runza®’s ongoing support assists in fulfilling TeamMates’ mission of positively impacting the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. TeamMates thanks Runza® for making community youth a priority. If your business would like to learn more, please visit or call (402) 436-1990. If you or a person you know is interested in becoming a mentor, you can scan the QR code to check out the application process.