In Matt Talbot’s ( 2022 Community Impact Report, they celebrate the past year while looking boldly to the future. Last year, the agency saw impact within each of their four areas of focus: relieving hunger, defeating homelessness, addressing addiction and providing outreach.

In 2022, there were 179,932 instances of hunger relief, which is provided through nutritious onsite prepared meals, emergency food pantries and the distribution of high-quality donated food. There were also 19,753 outreach services provided (a 37% increase from 2021). These services include basic and emergency needs such as laundry and shower, message/mail/phone services, life skills and tenant education classes and assistance obtaining vital identification documents.

Another way the organization moved towards their vision to defeat homelessness was through providing intensive case management to housing clients. Professional staff provided 17,497 case management services last year.

Matt Talbot could not provide their services without the help of their dedicated volunteers. In 2022, volunteers contributed 24,562 hours of service (a 45% increase from 2021). Volunteers contribute in a variety of ways, including laundry and shower services, gardening, organizing donations, hunger relief and more. To read the full 2022 Community Impact Report, please visit

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