Mourning Hope Grief Center ( believes Nebraska is filled with everyday heroes. As Wonder Woman herself said, “Anyone can be a hero by offering four simple words: “How can I help?” In 2014, two courageous women answered that call by organizing a “friend-raiser” to build awareness about the impact of grief and how Mourning Hope’s programs offer comfort to bereaved children, adults and families. Every year since, these Wonder Women have brought generous community leaders together to raise funds to support Mourning Hope’s mission that no one has to grieve alone.

These friends are boldly campaigning for at least 300 women to join Mourning Hope’s superhero ranks this year by making a tax-deductible donation of $100. In early September, Mourning Hope will invite new and returning Wonder Women to enjoy cocktails and music at the Country Club of Lincoln, celebrating the unified efforts and everyday heroism these Wonder Women bring to our community. The evening will be hosted by generous friends of Mourning Hope so that all Wonder Women gifts go directly to support services for the bereaved. Pre-registration is required. Become a Wonder Woman at

Mourning Hope Grief Center exists to companion children, adults and families before and after a death loss. By offering support groups, education, resources and referrals at no cost to participants, Mourning Hope’s programs ensure a compassionate response for all bereaved Nebraskans. Learn more at or by calling (402) 488-8989.