The Nebraska Safety Council ( is accepting applications for the Nebraska Safety Council Leadership, Safety and Worker 360 Awards. Applications are due this month. Visit the website for requirements and deadlines. Awards will be distributed at the 46th edition of the Nebraska Safety Council Annual Conference, April 24-25, in Lincoln. The conference features two days of speakers, breakout sessions and an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits.

“A Nebraska Safety Council award gives businesses the recognition and affirmation they have earned for prioritizing safety and wellness,” says John Lefler, Jr., Executive Director for the Nebraska Safety Council. “There is no finish line in the drive to build strong, sustainable cultures that value safety, wellness and people. These organizations and the leadership that earn these awards are inspiring.”

Applications for the Nebraska Safety Council Leadership, Safety, and Worker 360 Awards can be found at & Events. To learn more and register for the Annual Conference, visit Conference.

The Nebraska Safety Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1961. Their mission is to provide leadership and resources to promote a safe and healthy environment in the workplace and community. To learn more about the Nebraska Safety Council, visit, call (402) 483-2511 or email