Nebraska Housing Development Association (NHDA, now offers FirstDown, a down payment assistance program to low income families who are prevented from buying homes due to a lack of savings for a down payment and closing costs. For those earning below 80% of Area Median Income, saving for a down payment is often an insurmountable challenge. The down payment assistance program helps those families who can afford the monthly cost of a mortgage payment, but need help to close on their home purchase. The program can provide up to $5,000 in assistance, after associated fees, and is focused on applicants with special needs, military veterans, large unit (3+ bedrooms) and those located within areas of central Lincoln identified as Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas.

NHDA offers a wide range of services, including coordinating statewide renter and homebuyer education programs, providing homebuyer and homeowner assistance programs, and advocating for policies that support the development and maintenance of affordable housing. Their members include nonprofit and forprofit developers, nonprofits that provide housing services, housing authorities, government agencies, economic development organizations, and many others.

Established in 1996, the Nebraska Housing Developers Association has a membership base of more than 70 organizations working to strengthen the state’s economic vitality by making safe, affordable housing available to all Nebraskans. For more information on FirstDown Down Payment Assistance Program or NHDA, please visit or contact Amber Marker, / (402) 435-0315 ext. 2.