People’s City Mission (PCM, is excited to once again collaborate with Uniform Connections for a January drive. Uniform Connections has been doing a drive for PCM and other nonprofits since 2009. They collect used scrubs from their customers (some completely worn out, some with a lot of life left in them). PCM then either gives them away or recycles them. They do this drive every January and July. Many of the customers at Uniform Connections have learned to expect this promotion and actively save their donations throughout the year.

Upon collecting the traded scrubs, it became evident that many were not mere “junkers” but rather in good condition. Realizing the potential impact donating them could have on the community, the team at Uniform Connections decided to repurpose these scrubs by donating them to local shelters. However, it wasn’t until one of the managers reached out to PCM that the true depth of this initiative became apparent. The scrubs with imperfections – holes, stains and wear – found a new purpose. PCM was willing to purchase these scrubs in bulk and sell their fabric, with the proceeds directed towards funding the PCM Free Medical Clinic that provides free dental, mental health and podiatry.

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