People’s City Mission (PCM, recently purchased land adjacent to its current shelter facility at 110 Q St. with the intent to build a new women’s and children’s temporary housing facility and transform the current building into an all men’s transitional housing facility.

Pastor Tom Barber, CEO of People’s City Mission, shared this is to accommodate Lincoln’s homeless population which often includes women and children who have escaped domestic abuse and need somewhere to go where they are safe. “There isn’t currently enough space for those people to stay temporarily, so we’re hoping to build this and build more capacity to the city.”

The projected $15 million building will encompass dining and lounge areas, classrooms and a playground, aiming to address the current space shortage. Once completed, PCM estimates accommodating up to 700 individuals, significantly expanding their capacity.

To prioritize safety, the new shelter will implement security measures including gating and surveillance cameras, ensuring the well-being of its residents. This initiative reflects PCM’s commitment to providing a secure environment while meeting the urgent housing needs of vulnerable populations within Lincoln.

As Lincoln’s homeless shelter, People’s City Mission’s work is more than 97% funded by community donations. For more information or to donate, visit