Region V Services, Nebraska’s premier developmental disability (I/DD) service provider, is excited to announce its new name: Apace ( The change became effective October 1.

“Rebranding to Apace marks an exciting milestone in our journey,” said Matt Kasik, CEO of Apace. “This name encapsulates our dedication to improving the lives of those we support. With the same enthusiastic team and enhanced focus, we are poised to make an even greater difference in the lives of those we serve.”

The word ‘apace’ means advancing at the same rate as something and can be used as a synonym of alongside. “The word ‘apace’ defines our work,” Kasik said. “We live alongside the individuals we support. We meet them where they are and provide the support needed to reach their goals.”
Another motive behind this change was to address the confusion arising from the similarly named organization, Region V Systems. While Apace and Region V Systems are governed by the same board and are situated in the same geographical area, they operate independently, catering to different service needs. It is important to note Region V Systems will remain unchanged.

Apace will continue the 50-year legacy Region V Services has built by offering new experiences and opportunities to enrich life for people with disabilities. Seeing people as people, Apace connects individuals with disabilities to the resources they need to control (and celebrate) everyday life.
For more information about Apace, visit or call (402) 471-6400.