RISE Academy to Offer Reentry Mentor Training December 10

RISE Academy (www.seeusrise.org) will hold a Reentry Mentor training on Thursday, December 10, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. This training is intended for approved mentors. RISE Reentry Mentors provide relational support to men and women navigating reentry into society after incarceration. Reentry Specialists work daily with people to attain employment and safe, stable housing, but reentry needs beyond a place to sleep and a job are real and complicated. Mentors attempt to address some of those needs by walking with RISE graduates as they return to the community. The mentoring relationship is consistent two-way communication; think meeting for coffee and conversation.

Being volunteers from the larger Nebraska community, RISE Reentry Mentors directly welcome people returning from incarceration back while challenging longstanding perceptions of people with criminal histories through face to face encounters. The result is practically addressing the varied reentry needs of individuals and slowly building a more welcoming community for people to transition back into. Generally, mentors and RISE graduates will communicate weekly for six-months with regular in-person meetings.
All interested parties are encouraged to apply. There is no skillset one needs to be a great mentor. Showing up and a willingness to accompany RISE graduates as they navigate reentry are the most important ingredients for a fruitful mentoring relationship.

The vision of RISE Academy is that all people find freedom from cycles of incarceration. Contact Jaxson Schneider at 1-(253) 509-4905 / jschneider@seeusrise.org with any questions or go online to www.seeusrise.org.