The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum (SAC Musem, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary as a beacon of aerospace history, education and innovation. Since its inception, the museum has successfully fulfilled its mission to preserve the legacy of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) while capturing the imagination of tomorrow’s scientists and explorers through STEM-focused programs.

When the museum was established in 1998, it sought to showcase SAC’s important work and preserve historically significant aircrafts and artifacts. Today, the museum stands as a testament to SAC’s historical significance, but it has also embraced its role as an educational resource, inspiring future leaders in STEM.

In the coming years, the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum has an array of exciting exhibits and events in store. Among the upcoming highlights is the much-anticipated “Mission: Astronaut” exhibition set to take place in 2025. Drone soccer and a new planetarium are on the radar as well, aiming to engage young minds and ensure that the museum remains a vibrant and ever-evolving destination.

The SAC Aerospace Museum’s continued success and impact relies on the support of individuals and the community. Supporters not only help preserve our aerospace heritage but also help ignite curiosity, inspire young minds and shape the future of aviation. Call the SAC Aerospace Museum at (402) 944-3100 or visit for more information.