The Bridge Behavioral Health ( has teamed up with Lincoln Arts Council to provide a weekly art class for their clients in residential treatment.

Danny Reneau is a local artist who came to The Bridge through the education and outreach portion of the Lincoln Arts Council. He is a self-taught artist with a focus on watercolor and ink.

“Danny taught me a lot about painting and it has been really exciting and therapeutic. This class is awesome because it gives me time to explore new things and my abilities. I created a set of hummingbird paintings that I gave to my daughter for her 17th birthday and she loved them,” current Bridge client James shares.

Not only is this a fun activity for clients at The Bridge to participate in, it also makes a positive impact on the recovery process.

“In the recovery process, creating art is beneficial because it provides an outlet for self-expression and processing emotions,” Katie Kimmerling, director of clinical services, explains. ”Art can be used as a therapeutic tool for individuals and their peers because it allows them to express themselves in ways other than with words, especially since communicating thoughts or emotions can be challenging.”

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