The United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County Board of Directors voted at its November board of directors meeting to support Educare of Lincoln through the funding of the executive director position, along with some initial start-up costs, for a period of six months prior to its opening.  This financial support will help facilitate creation of the program for the newly formed early childhood development school and the hiring of staff in preparation for the Educare opening early in 2013.

Brad Hedrick, 2011 United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County Board President, says “Given United Way’s focus on the importance of early childhood development and the opportunity to support Educare and the opportunities it presents for Lincoln’s children, the board felt this was a way that United Way could partner on this exciting project.  We are pleased to be able to do this.”

The position funding will begin in 2012.    After the school opens, these expenses will be covered by the Educare operating budget.   This initial funding of $57,000 cannot be included in the current operational budget because state education and federal Head Start dollars cannot be used for a service that is not currently underway.

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