Each June, Lincoln TeamMates (LincolnTeammates.org) holds a breakfast to celebrate mentors of graduating senior students. These very special mentors have walked side-by- side with their mentee, in some cases since third or fourth grade, until they graduate from high school.

“We love to show appreciation to these amazing mentors!” exclaims Audrey Watson, Lincoln TeamMates match support specialist. “Virginia’s Cafe providing this great breakfast is incredible!”

Virginia’s Cafe owners, Mark and Tracy Von Busch, embraced the opportunity to encourage these mentors, saying, “It’s a pleasure to provide the breakfast for this year’s event because mentoring is so important to our community.”

As people ate fabulous food, mentors received great kudos. Graduated mentees, school facilitators, TeamMates staff and TeamMates co-founder, Tom Osborne, praised the mentors for their years of dedication to their mentor/mentee relationship.

Audrey Watson sums it up, “The mentor breakfast is a huge win, and it feels great to call attention to people who are making a positive impact on our students and community!”

TeamMates Mentoring makes a meaningful impact in the local community and beyond by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. Matches meet once a week in school during the academic year. For more information about TeamMates and becoming a mentor, please visit LincolnTeammates.org.