Family Health Services Inc. ( works to mitigate extreme gaps in healthcare, in part by providing affordable, accessible telehealth services. They are one of six agencies across the state participating in a pilot program by Nebraska Family Planning to bolster Nebraska’s capacity to provide sexual and reproductive health services through virtual care.

All Nebraskans deserve access to healthcare that enables them to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Yet for many people in our community and region, access to care is neither readily accessible, nor convenient. Some folks must drive an hour or more for regular prenatal checkups. Others wait weeks to see a provider to renew their birth control prescriptions or receive other essential sexual healthcare.

People who need care can schedule a virtual consultation for birth control, sexually transmitted infections, wellness exams and female reproductive health concerns. Their office provides care to all people, regardless of income or insurance status.

Family Health Services, and other experts, don’t anticipate the gap in OB/GYN care throughout the state closing any time soon. The expansion of affordable, accessible virtual care is needed today. This pilot program is a much-needed first step to help more Nebraskans access high-quality sexual healthcare when and where they need it. Contact Family Health Services today for a telehealth or clinic visit at (402) 466-1012. Visit for more information.