In honor of National Stalking Awareness Month in January, Voices of Hope ( will share valuable information about stalking. Their efforts aim to raise awareness and provide essential insights about this serious issue throughout the month.

Voices of Hope’s dedication during National Stalking Awareness Month involves using their social media channels as a platform to educate and inform the public about the nuances and impacts of stalking. By disseminating crucial information, they aim to empower individuals to recognize signs of stalking, understand its effects and know how to seek help or support. Through their advocacy and outreach, Voices of Hope endeavors to create a safer and more informed community regarding this often overlooked but significant issue.

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Voices of Hope’s vision is that all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as their families and communities, receive responsive, empowering services and support that meet their needs, both individual and cultural, through advocacy and education aimed at eliminating recurrence, challenging oppressive social institutions and reducing violence and oppression. Learn more at