On Sunday, February 11, people will come together to celebrate the biggest football game of the year with food and fun – and Matt Talbot (mtko.org) will tackle hunger with their Souper Bowl of Caring event. What if everyone in the United States watching the BIG GAME donated just one dollar or one can of food to help their neighbors in need? That would provide millions of meals from just one event!

The Souper Bowl of Caring is an annual national event that encourages people to give locally and make a collective impact on hunger. In the weeks leading up to the Souper Bowl, there are many ways you can participate and help end hunger in our community!

  1. Collect donations of cash, food or other needed items for Matt Talbot.
  2. Create a contest at your workplace! Which team can collect the most food?
  3. Start a Facebook fundraiser and invite friends to join your team!

Choose a game plan, huddle up and tackle hunger with Matt Talbot!

Please reach out to Jenn Boettcher with any questions at jenn.boettcher@mtko.org or (402) 817-0615.

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach helps individuals and families facing poverty and homelessness find possibilities when things seem impossible. Learn more at mtko.org.