Dr. William E. Wheeler, Ph.D, has joined Beachbody as its Chief Science Officer and will be speaking in Lincoln on Saturday Feb. 26th.  Dr. Wheeler has over 30 years of experience in the nutritional industry and BS and MS degrees in nutrition.  He was Staff Nutritionist to the President of the United States (1976-1981), Staff Nutritionist to the 1996 US Olympic Decathlon Team and Staff Nutritionist to the 2002 US Olympic Snowboarding Team, and also advises professional athletes about dietary supplements.

Dr. Wheeler will be speaking about Shakeology and explaining complex nutritional concepts in understandable terms.  The conference is open for all to attend and is FREE to guests (Beachbody Coaches will pay a small fee).  To read Dr. Wheeler’s complete bio, event agenda or register for the event go to www.Lift-Fit.com or email Kristin@Lift-Fit.com.   Pat and Kristin Hain are Independent Beachbody Coaches and on the Nebraska Coach Council helping to organize the event.

Shakeology has been endorsed by a growing number of physicians across the country due to its proven health benefits such as weight loss, reduction in cholesterol levels, improved digestive health, lowering cardiovascular risk factors and much more.