Daring Minds Therapy (daringmindstherapy.com) is excited to announce their new hire, Robyn Vanderveen, will be starting soon! Robyn Vanderveen, MS, PLMHP graduated with her Master of Science degree in clinical mental health counseling from Bellevue University. In addition, she completed an undergraduate degree in human services from Bellevue University. She works with adolescents, adults and couples utilizing culturally sensitive and trauma-focused practices into client sessions.

“In my work with clients I seek to navigate through change, healing and empowering clients,” said Robyn. “I focus on deeper meanings and understandings of our own selves within our existence and displays of resilience. In creating what we choose, whether it is changes through our thought processes, relationships, decisions or behavior, these can be reflected in the goals we seek to embrace the differences, challenges and curve balls that life throws at us.”

Daring Minds Therapy was founded in 2018 by Sarah Worley, Erica Schroeder and Maureen DeRyke. If you or someone you know could use the support of Daring Minds Therapy, get more information or book an appointment at daringmindstherapy.com, call (531) 289-1005 or email info@daringmindstherapy.com.