Farris Engineering, Inc. (farris-usa.com) welcomed Dillon Ryan, a seasoned Electrical Engineer, to their team. Dillon’s journey with the company began as an intern where he dedicated four summers honing his skills and familiarizing himself with the intricate workings of the company. His commitment and proficiency during these internships left an impression, paving the way for a full-time role upon his graduation.

In December, Dillon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska, marking the culmination of his academic endeavors. His transition from intern to full-fledged engineer has been seamless, given his in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience gained during his internships.

Dillon’s impact is already palpable, having contributed to the design of over 40 projects. His adeptness in navigating the complexities of electrical engineering makes him a valuable addition to Farris Engineering’s talented pool of professionals.

“Dillon’s journey from intern to a pivotal member of our team exemplifies dedication and expertise. His passion for innovation and collaborative spirit are catalysts for success, shaping a future where Farris Engineering continues to thrive at the forefront of electrical engineering,” said Vice President and Electrical Department Manager Ericka Nienhueser.

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