Health at Home Consultants ( is thrilled to announce that April Pearson just passed her one-year milestone. They are so lucky to have her kind heart and warm radiating personality as their Business Strategist. She graduated from Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management and a minor in psychology.

April is determined and driven when it comes to doing what she loves, and that is apparent when working alongside her. Her love and passion for helping others is allowed to shine and helps give her the ability to make and hold great relationships. She has been the perfect addition to their team and they cannot wait to see what goals they achieve with her on their side!

As a team, they have a group of professionals with tremendous medical experience. They have a variety of medical skills and interests. Each of the providers can focus on the special needs of the patients with the support of one another. This is a great advantage for everyone that receives services from Health at Home Consultants!

The Health at Home Consultants team has found a perfect business niche in homecare. They pride themselves on timely, high-quality care while collaborating with your team in the doctor’s office, home health care, hospice care and transitional care from hospital rehabilitation to home. As your physician or nurse practitioner in the home, they can assess, diagnose and treat. They provide mental health services and have wound consultation services. To learn more, visit or call (402) 440-5268.