Husker Rehab ( is proud to highlight Michelle Spicka, a guest lecturer for Southeast Community College’s (SCC) PTA Program. She teaches a lecture once a year in the SCC Physical Therapist Assistant program on pelvic physical therapy. She has done this for over 10 years and Husker Rehab is proud to partner with SCC for PTA education.

Even though many of the PTA students do not plan to specialize in pelvic physical therapy, it is important for more healthcare practitioners to be informed about pelvic floor dysfunction and treatment options. The majority of women over the age of 40 have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction (from incontinence to constipation to pelvic pain or pelvic organ prolapse) and men have many issues with pelvic pain or urinary leakage after prostate surgery. Being able to identify patients who would benefit from specialized physical therapy services is a key part of interdisciplinary care for everyone.

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