J-Tech Construction (jtechconst.com), a leading construction company known for its exceptional workmanship and commitment to excellence, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Cieslik “JC” as the new general manager of its Lincoln location. With an impressive track record as J-Tech’s sales manager and a demonstrated track record of initiative and vision, JC brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to this key role.

Having excelled in his previous position as the sales manager, JC has consistently demonstrated a strategic mindset and an unwavering dedication to achieving goals. His exceptional sales acumen, combined with his ability to foster strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His extensive experience in driving revenue growth, managing teams and delivering exceptional customer service has positioned him as a natural fit for the role of general manager.

JC embodies the values that define J-Tech Construction’s culture, emphasizing integrity, teamwork and a commitment to excellence. His patient and collaborative nature will foster a positive work environment where every team member feels supported and empowered to achieve their best. As general manager, he will prioritize employee development, ensuring that the team receives the necessary resources and guidance to excel in their roles.

J-Tech Construction and Solar provides the best in residential and commercial solar panels, window and door replacement, home siding, gutters and metal roof installation as well as repair for both commercial and residential properties. For more information, visit jtechconst.com.