Jackie Svoboda, owner of Luxury Landscape (luxurylandscape-llc.com), is excited to announce that she has just recently achieved her Landscape Design degree from Ashworth College in Georgia.

With her background in physical therapy as a rehab director, Jackie was able to bring a lot of her skills with her when she and her husband Ken launched Luxury Landscape, but she didn’t have the detailed landscape design skill like Ken has. Together, they consistently discuss how Luxury Landscape can improve as a business and the decision for Jackie to go back to school was a no-brainer.

“A lot of my designs come naturally, but I am able to recommend a whole new array of options since completing school,” said Jackie. “Options like suggesting different plants that I wouldn’t have even thought of prior to going to school, or timeless material choices when designing a hardscape project. I’ve even taught Ken a thing or two!”

Jackie is happy to report that she completed the program with a 4.0 GPA. She has hopes to continue her education further. She’s a firm believer in never stopping learning, especially if it’s going to benefit you personally and professionally.

Luxury Landscape offers an array of services for outdoor spaces, with their most popular being installation, design and consultation, landscape maintenance, and residential snow removal. For more information about Luxury Landscape and the services they provide, visit luxurylandscape-llc.com.