Michelle Spicka, DPT is celebrating 18 years at Husker Rehab (huskerrehab.com)! There’s more to celebrate as she has also been named Clinic Director of the North Lincoln clinic location. Michelle Spicka, DPT has been a physical therapist for 23 years and has worked at Husker Rehab for 18 years.

Michelle specializes in pelvic physical therapy. The field of pelvic physical therapy has changed dramatically over the past 20 years from initial simple treatments of teaching women “kegels” for incontinence to great advances in holistic treatment of men and women with pelvic muscle dysfunction.  Pelvic physical therapists treat chronic pelvic pain, pregnancy related dysfunction, urinary incontinence, constipation anal leakage and other bladder issues.

Husker Rehab proudly offers therapy services in five clinics in four different Nebraska cities, where they serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly intensive, highly customized rehabilitation, wellness and preventative care therapies that make a difference in people’s lives. They listen to every patient’s needs and desires, analyze the problem and figure out ways to get people moving again. For more information about Husker Rehab and their services, visit huskerrehab.com or call (402) 477-3110.