Nebraska Family Dentistry ( is thrilled to announce that Dr. Kim Polley at Nebraska Family Dentistry – NorthStar Dental, located in North Lincoln, is introducing a groundbreaking approach to diagnosing sleep apnea and teeth grinding for all residents in Nebraska.

Say goodbye to complicated and inconvenient sleep tests! Dr. Kim Polley now offers an easy-to-use at-home sleep test that will revolutionize how sleep-related issues are diagnosed. With this innovative solution, you can enjoy the comfort of your own bed while receiving accurate results.

Dr. Kim Polley’s expertise and dedication to patient care have led to this cutting-edge service. With the at-home sleep test, you can take control of your sleep health and address any potential issues without the hassle of traditional sleep lab visits. But that’s not all! Dr. Kim Polley also offers FREE Teledentistry consults from the comfort of your home. Schedule 24/7 or learn more by visiting Don’t let sleep apnea or teeth grinding impact your quality of life. Embrace this new approach to diagnosing these conditions and achieve better sleep and overall well-being.

Dr. Kim Polley is a proud Nebraska Family Dentistry dental group member. The mission of Nebraska Family Dentistry is to deliver high-quality dental work in a non-judgmental environment. They offer payment solutions to make dentistry more affordable and sedation dentistry options for added comfort.

You can schedule with them 24/7 online at For more information, email or call/text (402) 600-2040.