Old Cheney Rehabilitation Introduces New Maintenance Director Michael Pleasant

Old Cheney Rehabilitation (oldcheneyrehab.com) announced the recent hiring of Maintenance Director Michael Pleasant, a man whose name appropriately matches his pleasant personality. Michael couldn’t be more perfect for the position. He has about 30 years of experience in commercial and residential maintenance, about four years of experience as a property manager, and about 3.5 years of serving as a nursing assistant at two hospitals in Lincoln. Oh, and he loves people.

“I think I’ve found my home,” Michael said about working at Old Cheney Rehab. “The atmosphere and environment is just what I’ve been hoping for in a job. I just like to see people smile and be happy, and the employees at Old Cheney give residents everything they need to be happy, and then some. They also treat their employees really nice, which has a big influence on how well the employees take care of the residents. I’ve always been a people person, and in all the years of maintenance I’ve done, I’ve met great people, but nothing like those at Old Cheney!”

Director of Facilities Eric Rose says the same thing about Michael: “Michael brings a selfless attitude for our patients and our team daily. He is talented and shows willingness to go above and beyond for everyone in so many ways. We are grateful to have him.”

In his new role at Old Cheney, Michael is responsible for keeping up all rooms and all building maintenance and equipment, inside and out. Maybe his favorite task so far, though, was playing Santa Clause over the Christmas holiday, going into residents’ rooms and taking pictures with them. That day, he got to make lots of people smile.

For more information about Old Cheney Rehabilitation, visit oldcheneyrehab.com or call (531) 739-3200.