The University of Nebraska–Lincoln ( announces faculty receiving promotion and/or tenure in 2024.

Promoted to Associate Professor and Granted Tenure: Dena Abbott, Educational Psychology, Amy Bartels, Management, Shubhendu Bhardwaj, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Byron D. Chaves, Food Science and Technology, Elliott Dennis, Agricultural Economics, Irina Filina, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Crystal Garcia, Educational Administration, Shivam Gupta, Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Jack Jeffries, Mathematics, Michael Kaiser, Agronomy and Horticulture, Yingchao Lan, Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Kyle Langvardt, Law, Tierney Lorenz, Psychology, Susan Loveall-Hague, Special Education and Communication Disorders, Kristin Malek, Nutrition and Health Sciences, Justin McMechan, Entomology, Samuel Melessa, Accountancy, Keegan J. Moore, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Laura Muñoz, History & Ethnic Studies, Amy Napoli, Child, Youth and Family Studies, Sathish Kumar Natarajan, Nutrition and Health Sciences, Ryan Pedrigi, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Zac Porter, Architecture, Christopher Schafhauser, Mathematics, Daniel Tannenbaum, Economics, Judith Turk, Natural Resources, Susan VanderPlas, Statistics, Becky Wachs, Biological Systems Engineering, Peter Wahu-Muchiri, English, Christine Wittich, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Jing Zhang, Biochemistry

Granted Tenure: David Long, Theatre and Film.

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