Voices of Hope (voicesofhopelincoln.org) now has a campus advocate available at the Nebraska Wesleyan campus. Advocate Jenne Lozano provides support both on the prevention and response side of gender-based violence, consent, and bystander intervention training for peer assistance. Students can discuss any concerns they have or work through an assault or other abuse. Services are confidential, and students can talk to an advocate without worrying about being reported for policy infractions. The Title IX department at Wesleyan is incredibly trauma-informed, but it’s always nice for students to have an independent advocate. Jenne works closely with the Title IX office and the rest of the Gender Based Violence Prevention Team to promote awareness and a culture of consent.

Any time a person goes through trauma, it’s devastating, but when it happens to someone who is away from home for the first time, loneliness and isolation can be compounded.

Jenne will be available in the counseling building on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 11 a.m. while school is in session. Any college or university in Lincoln can reach out to jenne@voicesofhopelincoln.org to inquire about having an advocate on your campus.

Voices of Hope provides services to all genders who are victims to domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, incest, or other forms of abuse. They also assist victims’ families and supporters. All of their services are free and confidential. Learn more at voicesofhopelincoln.org.