P&L Technology, Inc. has launched a new service offering to address the specialized technology needs of mid-sized companies called ENTERPRISEselect. The new suite of services is focused on businesses that have single or multiple locations and a dedicated IT department or personnel.

ENTERPRISEselect team members identify areas where a company’s personnel need assistance and then develop recommended solutions based on available service options at P&L Technology.
The major focus of this newly unveiled division is to assist IT departments in developing more effective and proactive technology plans while providing supporting technical services to the organization based on the need.

Founded in 2004 in Omaha by Phil Lieber and Andrew Embury, P&L Technology, Inc. provides cost-effective technology solutions for businesses in Omaha and Lincoln. The company’s subscription-based service addresses business technology needs through network design, monitoring and support for end-to-end computing. P &L Technology’s Omaha office is located at 4131 S. 143rd Circle. In Lincoln, the office is located at 129 N. 10th Street, Suite 108.

For more information about P&L Technology, Inc. , please visit www.pltechnology.com.