P&L Technology has welcomed Josh Sullivan to its Network Operations Center.  Josh has been in the customer service field for 10+ years.  He recently worked a help desk position at Automated Systems Inc. where he provided phone and email support to banks related to networks and online banking.  He graduated from Hamilton College in 2005 with an Information Technology degree.

P&L’s managed technology solutions are designed to work for business. This subscription-based service takes an enterprise-wide approach to your technology needs. So, you always have the latest technology you need and the monitoring and support to ensure its always working. Yet, it’s subscription-based, so you pay only for the technology you use.  With P&L Technology, you’re not only able to enhance the way you’re able to conduct business, but also how your business pays for technology.

For more information about P&L Technology, please contact Michelle Gerths at michelle@plcapital.com. or online at http://www.pltechnology.com/sbl.