Precision Skateboard recently opened a new location at Gateway Mall. The expansion was due to Precision Skateboard’s recent acquisition of another local skateboard company, which included acquisition of the company’s lease. Phil Burcher, owner of Precision Skateboard, explained that the expansion is exciting for Precision Skateboard as it continues to expand its presence in Lincoln.

A storefront in Gateway Mall will allow Precision Skateboard to increase their awareness in Lincoln. Burcher said, “We’re looking forward to being able to show ourselves off to a larger audience.” The new location means that Precision Skateboard will be accessible to more people, and they can expose their products to people who wouldn’t have had an opportunity to see them otherwise. Burcher added, “We are and always have been more than a skateboard shop with our clothing and shoe lines.” Precision Skateboard has exclusive access to limited edition brands and now more people will be able to see what they have to offer.

Burcher also commented that the move allows them to work more closely with the indoor skate park inside the mall. They have worked together on events and promotions before this move, and the convenience of being in the same location with is advantageous for both businesses.

For more information about Precision Skateboard, visit their website at or call them at (402) 476-3044.