Signs Now is pleased to announce they have introduced a new eco-friendly HP L25500 Latex Printer to their equipment.  The printer is energy star efficient and the water based inks use latex and high heat to cure the inks instantly, leading to faster turnaround times.  The printer gives off no hazardous air pollutants, making for better air quality for their workers and odorless prints for their customers.  To enhance the new printer, Signs Now is also introducing an eco-friendly line of products.  From fabrics, papers and banners to eco-boards for interior and exterior uses, these products are biodegradeable or recyclable, allowing an earth friendly option for their customers.  Qualified products can be brought back and recycled for free.

Signs Now has been serving Lincoln since 1989. They offer a wide variety of products, encompassing all of your advertising needs.

For more information about Signs Now, call 441-9383 or email