Swimtastic Swim School, located at 7911 Pioneers Blvd, is pleased to announce it held a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony on July 23rd.  The events of the day included face painting, an inflatable moon walk, craft projects, a tour of the new facility and contests.

Swimtastic Swim School, based in Waukesha, WI, was founded in 1996 by child educator and swim expert Susan Wainscott.  Swimtastic, a leader in the learn-to-swim industry, has received numerous honors for its innovative curriculum, professionally trained teachers a child-friendly pool environment.  Each year, thousands of children and adults learn to swim and gain the foundation of a lifetime—a love for water activities with Swimtastic.

For more information about Swimtastic Swim School, please visit www.swimtastic.com or call (402) 489-SWIM.