On March 2, TeamMates (lincolnteammates.org) held a Connection Academy, an hour in the evening of fun, food, activities and connection for mentors and their mentees. Each mentor/mentee experienced three different activity stations throughout the hour. After enjoying food donated by Chick-fil-A, they headed to their first station. The activity leader, a representative of the business, engaged everyone in the unique activity/project and unleashed the fun.

In addition to LPS Community Learning Centers, these local businesses provided the great variety of activities: Makit Takit, Japanese Water Marbling; Sunflower Cookies, Cookie Decorating; JOANN Fabric and Crafts, crafting kits; and Hobby Town, unique card and board games.

Teammates takes fun seriously. Fun leads to connection and connection leads to impacting relationships. So, TeamMates is extremely grateful to those generous businesses and organizations that made the evening possible.

“Thanks again to all involved for providing us an opportunity to make some sweet memories together – literally and figuratively,” said Teammates Mentor Mary Ekeler.

TeamMates Mentoring makes a meaningful impact in the local community and beyond by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. They are hoping to recruit 300 additional volunteer mentors this school year for Lincoln youth. To learn more about TeamMates Mentoring in Lincoln, contact their office at (402) 436-1990 or visit lincolnteammates.org.