This year The Mediation Center ( celebrates 30 years of providing professional, affordable, accessible mediation services to the Lincoln/Lancaster County community. A non-adversarial process for resolving disputes guided by a skilled mediator, mediation was a new and often undervalued concept when The Mediation Center was established in 1992. They have continued to persevere to this moment in time in which the courts and the public appreciate, respect, and utilize mediation as an appropriate dispute resolution process.

With nearly 100 highly trained affiliated mediators, The Mediation Center is proud of the breadth and quality of their programming and opens nearly 1,000 cases each year. More than 90% of their cases qualify for reduced fees on a sliding fee scale. Some pay nothing at all to receive their professional mediation services.

In celebration of 30 years of hard work and perseverance, a Mediator Appreciation Event was held in June complete with balloon bouquets, catered lunch, and a gift of appreciation. This was a time for those who have been a part of the last 30 years of service to come together and relax, mingle, enjoy, celebrate, and be appreciated!

The Mediation Center is a nonprofit organization with services open to all. To request services, call The Mediation Center at (402) 441-5740 or go to the website at for more information.